Factoring/invoice discounting
Are you planning to release working capital?

Invoice factoring and Invoice Discounting are two valuable options that allow businesses to receive an immediate injection of cash against value of outstanding invoices.

We can arrange for up to 90% of the invoice value to be released to you within 24 hours with the remaining 10% paid, less a small service fee, once the factoring company receives payment of the invoice from the client.

The process is flexible, totally confidential, releases you from the burden of chasing invoice payment, preparing statements and provides an ongoing supply of cash linked to sales.

Other options of the factoring service are available including account receivable factoring and Non-recourse factoring and export factoring.

With invoice discounting, although you retain control of your collections process the business has access to an ongoing supply of cash which grows in line with your sales. Typically you would have 24-hour Internet access to keep track of payments received and the amount of funding available to you.

PBF can provide completely confidential advice on the options that you should consider, and then arrange the best partnership for your business to receive the immediate benefits that factoring or invoice discounting can bring.